Welcome to Wesley United Methodist Church of Mason City

There is a message in our bricks!  They aren’t your usual bricks.  They are rejected bricks—the ones that had flaws and imperfections, the ones who had been judged to be “not good enough.”

The true church isn’t a building on a corner but a people who are brought together by God’s grace in Jesus Christ.  Jesus built his church not out of perfect people but of rejected bricks—people with flaws and imperfections, who had made mistakes and had been rejected, sinners separated from their heavenly Father, people who yearned for reconciliation with God, their neighbors and themselves.

This is the kind of church that we long to be.  If you want to find a perfect church filled with perfect people, we’re not it.  But if you are looking for a church of people just like you who want to experience God’s love and be transformed by that love, welcome to Wesley United Methodist Church!